Dear Supporter of Positive Change,

I’m pleased to introduce Zen Riderrs, led by Michael Amankwa, a cycling community devoted to promoting mental health in Ghana. We present the “Success in Motion Bike Tour” from November 1st to 11th, 2023, starting in Accra and journeying to Tamale. This tour merges cycling joy with mental health awareness.

Our tour’s purpose is crucial: to eradicate mental health stigma and foster understanding. By cycling and connecting, we create a safe space for open discussions, in collaboration with the Psychiatry Department at the University of Ghana Medical School.


Journey: Accra to Tamale, returning. Experience Ghana’s beauty while advocating mental well-being.
Workshops: Pre and post-tour sessions on mental health, stress management, coping mechanisms.
Expert Guidance: Psychiatry Department’s advice on resilience and stress management.
Screenings: Mental health check-ups for participants and attendees.
Awareness Campaigns: Joint media campaigns highlighting mental and physical wellness.
Mental Health Talks: Integrated discussions by professionals on self-care and seeking help.
Story Sharing: Narratives to destigmatize mental health challenges.
Resources: Distribution of support service info at tour stops.
Social Media: Engaging mental health content throughout the tour.
Collaborative Events: Physical activities with mental health discussions.
Post-Tour Support: Continued mental health sessions.
To download the sponsorship package, kindly click on this link.

Your sponsorship would be invaluable in realizing these activities and advocating mental health in Ghana.

Best regards,
Mr. Michael Amankwa