Membership Levels

Zen Explorers (Entry Level):

Beginners who are eager to explore cycling and embrace Zen philosophy.

  • Complete a minimum of 10 group rides or cycling events within a designated timeframe.
  • Attend a cycling safety and skills training workshop or demonstrate equivalent knowledge.
  • Show consistent participation by attending at least one group ride or event per month.
  • Utilize a Garmin Cycling computer to track and analyze ride data, such as distance, speed, and elevation gain.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to practicing mindfulness during rides by sharing reflections or insights with the group.

Zen Seekers (Middle Level):

Intermediate-level cyclists committed to personal growth and mindful riding.

  • Achieve a minimum mileage goal (e.g., 5000 miles) within a specific timeframe.
  • Participate in at least one organized cycling event or race during the membership year.
  • Share a personal cycling goal and track progress toward its achievement using a Garmin Cycling computer.
  • Engage in mindfulness practices during rides, documented through regular journaling or participation in group discussions.
  • Utilize the advanced features of a Garmin Cycling computer, such as GPS navigation and heart rate monitoring, to enhance training and performance.

Zen Masters (Highest Level):

Experienced cyclists who embody Zen philosophy and mentor others on their journey.

  • Cycle 10,000 miles per membership year, showcasing remarkable dedication and endurance.
  • Mentor and provide guidance to at least two Zen Seekers within the membership year.
  • Lead or co-lead a group ride or organize a cycling-related event, utilizing Garmin Cycling computers for efficient navigation and data sharing.
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of Zen philosophy by sharing personal experiences and insights, including data analysis from Garmin Cycling computers.
  • Utilize advanced metrics and performance tracking features of Garmin Cycling computers to showcase cycling mastery and facilitate progress within the Zen Riderrs community.

Reading Requirement:

All Members:

  • Read a minimum of six books per year, covering topics such as cycling, mindfulness, personal growth, or philosophy.
  • Engage in discussions or share insights from the books read with other Zen Riderrs members through organized book clubs or online forums.
  • Explore various aspects of cycling, mindfulness, and personal development through literature, fostering a deeper understanding of these subjects.
  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning, self-reflection, and intellectual growth within the Zen Riderrs community.

Membership Fee:

All members are required to pay a monthly membership fee of $20.00 or the equivalent in your local currency. This fee contributes to the administration, organization, and development of Zen Riderrs, ensuring the availability of resources, events, and support for all members.


Membership Probation and Tests:

All potential members will serve a 90-day probation period upon joining Zen Riders. During this time, they will have to pass a set of cycling tests before being admitted into the club. The tests will include but are not limited to, the ability to fix a punctured tire, meet or exceed a distance and speed test, demonstrate knowledge of cycling etiquette, and showcase a commitment to the core values of Zen Riders.

Membership Benefits:

As a paid member of Zen Riderrs, you enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • Personalized Guidance: Receive personalized guidance and mentorship from experienced Zen Masters to enhance your cycling skills and achieve your goals.
  • Discounts on Cycling Gear and Services: Benefit from exclusive discounts on cycling gear, equipment, apparel, maintenance services, and more through our partnerships with cycling-related businesses and service providers.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals within the Zen Riderrs community, exchange ideas, share experiences, and build valuable relationships.
  • Resource Library: Gain access to a curated resource library featuring articles, videos, training plans, and educational materials on cycling, mindfulness, personal development, and more.
  • Online Community: Access an exclusive online community platform to engage in discussions, seek advice, and connect with other members outside of organized events.
  • Recognition and Achievement: Be recognized for your accomplishments and milestones within the Zen Riderrs community, celebrating your progress and personal growth.
  • Continued Group Support: Benefit from ongoing group support, encouragement, and accountability to stay motivated and inspired on your cycling journey.