Pious Hayford


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Pious Hayford is a passionate architect whose life is intertwined with design and creativity. Since his early teens, he has been captivated by the structure of his environment, influencing his decision to pursue Architecture as his career path. After completing his National Service as a teaching assistant at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, he joined Mobius Architecture to shape the spaces we inhabit and design functional buildings that align with our lifestyles.

Delving into the intricacies of buildings and their inner workings, Pious finds great fascination in the details that make them function effectively. He has a knack for seeing beyond the surface and constantly makes worthwhile discoveries. To him, design is not just a profession but an integral part of life, with a belief that “Good Design is God’s Design.” Everything we interact with, from the moment we wake up to the time we sleep, is designed, even our very bodies, and he seeks to amplify the Creator through his work.

Pious finds inspiration in beauty, whether it’s in the surroundings or through the therapeutic act of reading books. Books play a vital role in his personal development, and he constantly expands his knowledge by purchasing books from various genres. His library is a treasured asset.

Music is another significant aspect of Pious’s life. His fascination with music began when he received his first Sony Walkman as a young teenager. Since then, music has been the backdrop of his experiences, adding depth to his prayers, design work, workouts, and even driving. Walking, cycling, and yoga help free his mind to explore new design solutions and better understand the capabilities of his body.

In summary, Pious Hayford is an architect whose life revolves around the art of design, a believer in the importance of good design in all aspects of life, and a seeker of inspiration from the beauty that surrounds him. His passion for architecture and creativity shines through his work and his unwavering dedication to exploring and understanding the world around him.