Emmanuel Semevor

Professional Cyclist and Coach

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Emmanuel Semevor, affectionately known as “Wizzy,” is a multifaceted individual with a passion for both electrical engineering and cycling coaching. While he embarked on his educational journey in electrical engineering and gained valuable experience in the industrial sector, he has also emerged as an accomplished and gifted mountain biker.


Beyond his professional achievements, Wizzy has found joy in sharing his cycling expertise with others. As an avid cycling coach, he takes immense pride in training anyone eager to learn about cycling. Spending countless hours each day, he rotates between different students, providing them with valuable insights and nurturing their cycling skills. Many who have had the privilege of being trained by Wizzy hold him in high regard, as he is a highly sought-after and beloved cycling coach.


In addition to his individual coaching pursuits, Wizzy serves as the co-lead coach for Zen Riders, a role that allows him to contribute to a broader cycling community. His dedication and passion for coaching have earned him the respect and admiration of fellow cyclists.


Wizzy’s enthusiasm for cycling knows no bounds, and he is currently gearing up for an extraordinary 1300-kilometer bike tour from Accra to Tamale and back. This challenging and thrilling adventure is scheduled for November 2023, and he will be leading a team of 5 riders. Alongside his buddy coach Isaac Sackey Solomon (Shasha), Wizzy is ready to showcase his leadership, determination, and camaraderie throughout this remarkable journey.


As he embarks on this epic tour, Wizzy’s spirit of adventure and commitment to pushing his limits will undoubtedly inspire those around him. His boundless enthusiasm and unwavering dedication continue to leave a lasting impact on the cycling community and all those who have the privilege of knowing him.