Julius Richardson

Music Teacher

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Julius Richardson, a passionate music enthusiast and educationist, is dedicated to cultivating an early appreciation for classical music. His journey began with a love for the piano, leading him to pursue the ABRSM program, achieving a DipABRSM level in performance. Simultaneously, he excelled academically, earning a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from KNUST.

Julius’s expertise expanded as a pioneering member of the Network Operating Centre at KNUST, contributing to the deployment of the first fiber optic infrastructure on campus. He then ventured into software and product development, exploring cutting-edge concepts in Java Beans and Enterprise Architecture at Rancard Solutions.

Building on his technology roles, Julius embraced an exciting transaction banking position at Ecobank. His involvement in developing the Transaction Banking platforms spanning over 36 African countries significantly boosted the bank’s revenue.

For the past decade, Julius has devoted himself to empowering underprivileged children and private students, nurturing their orchestral performance capabilities through the Genius Hive Foundation, which he co-founded. This initiative led to the establishment of the Accra Youth Sinfonietta, a collaborative effort involving talented performers from various institutions in Accra.

Currently, he’s focused on developing string ensemble capabilities in children through the SOS CV program. By 2025, his goal is to elevate all children in the program to a grade 5 performance level.

Outside his professional endeavors, Julius cherishes family life with his wife and two boys. Recently, he has embraced the challenge of mental and physical well-being, incorporating daily hiking, cycling, and swimming into his routine.