Anita Solomon

Human Capital Specialist

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Anita Solomon is a dedicated professional who currently holds the position of Head of Business Development Services at the Development Bank of Ghana. In this role, she plays a crucial part in driving business growth and establishing strategic partnerships to support the bank’s development finance initiatives.

Anita’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology from the University of Cape Coast, which provided her with a solid foundation in understanding human behavior and societal dynamics. She furthered her studies by obtaining a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Development Administration and Planning from University College London, specializing in strategic planning and organizational development.

With her extensive experience in the investment management industry and her expertise in human capital management, Anita is well-suited to navigate the complexities of the development finance space. Her profound understanding of organizational development and planning, combined with her unwavering commitment to driving positive change, makes her a valuable asset to the bank and its objectives.

Anita harbors a strong aspiration to become a domain expert and a leader in the development finance field. Her passion for creating a meaningful impact on socio-economic development motivates her to continuously expand her knowledge and refine her skills in this specialized area. Armed with her exceptional leadership abilities and strategic mindset, she strives to shape the future of development finance and contribute to sustainable growth on a larger scale.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Anita finds fulfillment in various personal interests. She loves engaging in regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Traveling and exploring new places broaden her horizons and provide her with fresh perspectives. Additionally, cooking and baking are creative outlets through which she enjoys experimenting with flavors and sharing delightful meals.

Anita’s devotion to her family is unwavering. She has two incredible children named Yaa and Kofi, who occupy a central place in her life. They are her greatest source of joy and inspiration, and she cherishes the opportunity to nurture and guide them through life’s adventures.

Overall, Anita Solomon’s determination, educational background, experience, expertise, and personal interests make her a formidable professional and a loving mother, positioning her on a promising path toward becoming a respected leader in the development finance space while finding fulfillment in her personal pursuits.