Imagine a world where lending a hand not only enriches those in need but also nourishes the spirits of the givers. This is the alchemy of service, a tapestry of goodwill that empowers us all. It invites our talents to dance with purpose, kindling a profound fulfillment as we meet the needs of others. Science, too, confirms the magic: when we step forward to serve, our minds and bodies blossom in harmony.

Albert Schweitzer’s wisdom reverberates: “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” Enter the realm of Zen Riderrs, a sanctuary devoted to cultivating mental well-being, nurturing personal growth, and weaving bonds of unity through the rhythm of cycling. Here, a community blooms, breaking the chains of mental health stigma, nurturing mindfulness, and sparking the desire to live with intention, balance, and harmony. Together, we pedal with purpose, uplifting one another, and embracing the transformative power of cycling to sculpt a society that thrives mentally.

Prepare to be transported into a saga of unity and determination, as a diverse symphony of individuals converge for an epic adventure. Among them stands Michael Amankwa, a firm believer that the path to success is a choice. Beside him assemble extraordinary companions: Julius Richardson, a maestro of melodies; Enoch Agblevor, a guardian of safety; Anita Solomon, a sculptor of human potential; and Pious Hayford, an architect of dreams. United in spirit, they prepare to embark on a remarkable bike tour across Ghana, guided by experienced Cycling Coaches Emmanuel Semevor and Isaac Sackey Solomon.

Their extraordinary journey unfurls from the vibrant heart of Accra to the enchanting embrace of Tamale’s north, a journey spanning an awe-inducing canvas of 1300 kilometers. As their pedals spin through captivating landscapes, their shared determination transcends societal roles, revealing the unbreakable bonds of unity and personal growth.

Yet, beneath the surface, a deeper journey unfolds. Michael and his companions grasp the essence of triumph, recognizing that it extends beyond mere physical feats. They understand the interplay of body and mind, nurturing their potential with each revolution of the wheel. Along this path, they navigate not only the twists and turns of the road, but also share their personal narratives, struggles, and revelations—a journey that casts a radiant light on mental health awareness.

Step into their world through live updates, a front-row seat to their transformation. Witness their evolution as they challenge their limits in training sessions and conquer the trials of rugged terrains. Amid their remarkable feats, Michael, the Catalyst of Minds, will deliver messages that inspire, nudging you to embrace your dreams, surmount obstacles, and unfold into the best version of yourself.

So, prepare your heart to be captivated by this extraordinary narrative, weaving individuals from diverse paths into a vibrant tapestry of inspiration. Witness the magic as a music teacher, a security guard, a human capital specialist, and an architect merge their energies with Michael Amankwa, pushing boundaries and redefining what’s achievable. Guided by Emmanuel Semevor and Isaac Sackey Solomon, their unity and unwavering spirit beckon you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and triumph. Ready yourself to witness greatness in motion and become a part of a movement that soars beyond the constraints of limitations.


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A community of passionate cyclists who embrace the spirit of Zen philosophy as they embark on their cycling journeys. We are a group dedicated to the pursuit of inner peace, mindfulness, and personal growth through the art of cycling.